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ATGC will serve as a cloud for high-throughput data in the life sciences in Germany. While its initial focus will be on cancer genomics data, subsequent extensions will facilitate an expansion to other life science areas including other diseases (e.g. heart and lung disease) and data types (e.g. microbiomes).

ATGC’s core infrastructure will adhere to current data protection standards, and will strive for technical compatibility to allow expansion within international contexts.

Installation of ATGC’s infrastructure will have several key advantages:

  • Making genomic analysis with state-of-the-art tools widely accessible, since ATGC will provide bioinformatics processing capabilities to numerous users in Germany, including to researchers and clinicians in institutions lacking infrastructure or expertise for patient genome analysis, diagnostic laboratories, as well as biotech and pharmaceutical industries
  • Availability of pre-configured pipelines to facilitate state-of-the-art genomic analyses (Software-as-a-service, SaaS, model)
  • Standardization of analysis approaches to improve comparability of datasets across institutions, to enable integrative analyses and meta-analyses.
  • Improved data protection through standardized data access control and centralized data storage
  • Accessibility of ATGC’s infrastructure for customized large-scale analyses through an Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) model
  • Reduction in overall infrastructure